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Family Portrait Photographer serving Southern Utah, Nevada and Arizona

You’re not interested in photos that never make it off a computer screen. But you are ready for a photography experience that’s all about capturing life’s greatest chapters. Decades from now, you’ll still look back on your darlings and remember the days when they were little ones.

Call me crazy but I LOVE photographing large families. I’m here to make sure you’re confident in the way you capture these fleeting moments.


About the

Whether you’re a large family or just starting to grow, we offer sessions that are personalized, fun, and efficient. We know how to make everyone feel at ease and specialize in making all body types look amazing in every photo. 


Wall Art

Digital Files

Story Boxes

Hand-crafted Wood Display

Mounted Portraits

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The Process

What about


Select time and location
Pay deposit


What to wear? 
I have that covered with a style guide to help all family members including uncle Jim who always wears his Spongebob shirt. 


The Session
You will be completely ready for the session. 
We will keep it around 1 hour, yes you heard that, we only need 1 hour. 


Viewing and Ordering Session. 
Slide show to select your favorite images from your session.
Select the perfect image for your large wall art.


Your digital files will be from on online gallery. 
Your wall art will be delivered right to your door, ready to hang. 


So whats the

Under 10 people $300 
Over 10 people under 25 $450 
25+ people $550
Artwork starts at 250
Most Life Chapters Photography clients spend between 1,500-2,500 for custom heirloom products.

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Serving Clients in 


S. Utah


Frequently Asked Questions

Let's get down to it

Why should I choose Life Chapters Photography?

Unlike other photography studios, we prioritize print photos that you can keep in your home for decades. We believe in getting to know our clients well through in-home sessions that give you a more custom experience than you’ll find anywhere else.

How much does a typical family invest?

Our clients spend anywhere from $1,500 to $4,500 on custom portraits. Please contact us to get a custom quote for your needs.

How far do you travel for clients?

We have served clients in cities including St George, Cedar City, Mesquite, and Mesa. Most clients are in Utah, Nevada, or Arizona, but please contact me if you’re interested in working together. We are happy to travel to your ideal portrait destination. 

How far in advance should we book our session?

We recommend getting in contact as soon as possible. Sessions tend to be booked out several months in advance. Contact us to see when we can book a session.

Are you ready for a photography experience you won’t soon forget?

I’ll pencil you in on my calendar. (By the way, I may just bring cookies like I’m the neighborhood welcome committee. Trust me, we’ll be friends in no time!)

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Life Chapters Photography is a licensed + insured Southern Utah family photographer offering a professional, high-touch experience for families who dream of filling up their walls with high-quality images that express the heart of their home.